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California Artists

Gideon Whitworth

Gideon has an eye for design and a spark in his personality. His specialties are within the balloon decorating sphere. While being a great balloon artist and entertainer, Gideon is also one of the owners of the California branch of Adventure Balloons.gid-1

“What I love about this job is that you are able to connect with people on a whole new level. With me its not just about business it’s also about fun, or, wait, is it… ‘not just about fun, it’s also about business’ ?? Oh well, you get my point ;)”


Daniel Whitworth

Daniel is a professional showman and vocal artist. His work includes advertising and performances for Tokyo DisneylaDan-1nd, Konami Games, Mazda Motors and other companies. One of the highlights of his career was backing up Josh Groban in concert. Daniel has been a balloon artist since 2006 and does everything to a very high skill level. Daniel’s easy going nature and his experience makes him a natural at entertaining crowds and large groups.

“I love it when people challenge me, and nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing the look on people’s faces when I’ve met their challenges and exceeded their expectations.”


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Charlie Whitworth

Charlie is the first 3rd generation balloon artist in the Whitworth family. He’s a wonderful balloon artist and has been entertaining on his own since 2012.

Jason Whitworth

IMG_1923Jason is the second 3rd generation balloon artist in the Whitworth family. Children love him, he’s also one of our main airbrush artist.

Tim Whitworth

Tim has been helping out in the family business since 2002. He got his start in decorating jobs by helping his Dad build balloon arches and columns. He’s got an eye for color and creating a party atmosphere just about anywhere. In entertaining, Tim has been an airbrush tattoo specialist for about 4 years and has been refining his skills with balloon art since 2006.

Tim loves fantasy and medieval themed parties the best.

Elaina Whitworth

As the first female addition to the Adventure Balloons team, Elaina began creating balloons at the age of thirteen. She specializes in “Princess Parties” and has her own fan club of little girls who love her bubbly personality as well as the spectacular characters she creates.

“I’ve always had a love for art, for me balloons are a form of creative expression.”

Elaina also expresses her love for art though other mediums such as acrylic, oil and mixed media painting. Raised in a family of artist the balloon gene was in her blood.elaina-1

“Growing up in a family of balloon artists, I used be self-conscious that my dad was the ‘Balloon Guy’. I would duck my head as my dad would come to pick me up from school in the ‘Adventure Balloons’ van; however, as I got older I discovered for myself the artistic aspect within balloon twisting and became obsessed. I used to have dreams of balloons and how to make them Bigger and Better…. I am better now (LOL)… however, I still enjoy discovering new, brilliant, and inventive ways of approaching this art of balloon twisting.”

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