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Hawaii Artists

Jimmie Jr

In 1998 Jimmie Jr. helped his father create Adventure Balloons.jimmie-jr

“It began as a fun hobby making little balloon animals and bringing smiles to kids faces. I grew into evenings of competitions between my dad, brothers and I on who could make the biggest, most elaborate and realistic balloon sculptures. Pretty soon we were getting requests to perform at birthday parties and local community events. My dad saw the business potential and said to me, ‘this is something we love to do, and are pretty good at it, might as well make a business of it.’ Now, over ten years later, I can’t think of a better job.”

Jimmie participated in the International Balloon Art Convention and won awards for her performance in the Stage Show competition as well as the Ten Minute Sculpture competition. Jimmie was asked to participate in the All-Star Review in New York.
In the summer of 2004 Jimmie moved to Hawaii to attend the School of Nursing at Hawaii Pacific University bringing Adventure Balloons with him. Although being a full-time student kept him busy, Jimmie still found time to share his talent with families all around the island.

“I think I’ve entertained for almost every kind of family event: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holiday parties, I’ve even preformed at a wake.

Jimmie Jr. has now graduated from school and works as an ER Nurse and had this to say,jimmiejr_21

“As a nurse I have learned that health is not merely the absence of illness, but a state of physical, mental and social well-being. As a balloon artist I feel that I have been given a gift of being able to bring a smile and happiness to both the young and old, bringing health to ones spirit is the most rewarding of all.”

Jimmie Whitworth Sr

Jimmie has been entertaining children for more than 30 years. As a father and teacher he learned that getting children involved is the key to any successful event.jimmie-sr

“All these years interacting, entertaining and working with all kinds of people has been a big part of our life. Balloon entertainment is just an extension of that.”

Jimmie started out with magic tricks and musical shows; as his audience grew, Jimmie soon realized that he had a knack for entertainment, not only with children, but with all types of audiences.

“Entertainment is a passion of mine; it gives me a great sense of accomplishment, to see the smiles I bring. My goal is to turn any event into a magical experience.”

Jimmie began discovering new ways to continually astound his audiences—eventually shaping his talent into a successful business—Adventure Balloons.jimmie-sr-2

“I got my biggest boost when I attended the International Balloon Convention in 2000, in Las Vegas. I entered two competitions and with so much talent there I felt honored that my sculptures were shown in their International Magazine, Images.”

Ivan Whitworth

Ivan has been entertaining since he was young. He has charmed audiences in Nepal, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Mexico, as well as the United States. As the son of the innovative entertainer, Jimmie Sr., entertainment has always been a part of his life.ivan-1

“Unlike some other types of entertainers, balloon art brings the focus to the audience. You can be good at balloons, magic, singing or dancing, but without the ability to involve the crowd, you won’t be a good entertainer.”

Ivan won the ‘Entertainer of the Year’ award in 2002 at the annual International Balloon Arts Convention held in Chicago.ivan-2 He also placed for the second year in a row at the International Balloon Busking competition. In addition to his award at the International Balloon Artists Convention, Ivan participated in the All Star Review in New York.

Ivan earned his Certified Balloon Artist certification in 2001.

He has entertained at the San Jose Sharks games, San Jose Earthquake Soccer team and the Silicon Valley Football Classics.

Chris Whitworth

chris-1Chris is a talented artist who comes with a smile and a fun personality. He boasts to be the fastest balloon twister in the family. In the summer of 2005, Chris joined Jimmie Jr. in Hawaii. His talent, personality, and love for the job has been a major factor in making Adventure Balloons Hawaii such a success.

During the week you may see Chris flying by you on the road, Lights and Sirens Blaring, as he also an EMT/ambulance driver. On the weekends he can be found creating amazing balloon creations and bringing smiles to children and families all around the island.

Amber Whitworth

Amber officially became the newest member of the Whitworth family in February ’09 when she and Jimmie Jr. married atop a glacier in Whistler British Columbia. Originally from Georgia, Amber joined the Adventure Balloon Hawaii team in the summer of 2005 and her artistic talents were immediately put use.amber-1

“As I child I always love art: drawing, painting, as well as creating collages and scrapbooking. When I was given the opportunity to do what I loved for ‘work’….. I never looked back.”

Amber is the most “Classically” trained member of the crew as she has taken many art classes using various art media. Her background and training has helped her excel as both an Airbrush Tattoo and Balloon artist.

Contrary to what many say about artists, Amber is very organized as well. She runs the office side of Adventure Balloons Hawaii: answering phone calls, returning emails, and coordinating all of the event schedules. We couldn’t do it without her.

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