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4th of July Party Planning Ideas

July 4th, 2009 | Posted in Blog | No Comments »

For the second year at this annual event, the Palo Alto City 4th of July Barbecue, Daniel was entertaining the crowds for four hours. They loved him and want him back again next year.

The City of Los Gatos was another hit, with friends David Davenport, (from Salinas) and Jeanine Von Essen (from San Jose) set up on the lawn in front of the Town Hall and Civic Center. The city was providing lots of games, activities and food. Our team was busy entertaining and making balloons for several hours. The sponsors said, “They did a great job, lets do it again next year.”

The rest of us headed south. First stop was the City of Monterey, where we dropped off Tim. This is the City’s July 4th Parade and Lawn Party. Tim was set up on the lawn in front of the old historical jail house. (The thought kept him in line. 🙂 He was busy with kids and adults for four hours. He was such a hit he had to have help ending. They just didn’t want him to go.

Then Gideon went to the Beach Club at the Pebble Beach Golf and Country Club. This was his third year there and the longest job of any of us. FIVE HOURS NON STOP. Gideon said the key to making it was, “Just kick back, relax, have fun, enjoy interacting with the people and show off my skills.”

I went out a little further into the Carmel Valley. This is my third year at this event. The Tehama Golf Club is Clint Eastwood’s Golf Club. Last year I met Coach Herman Edwards (Kansas City Chiefs) and his family. He has little twin girls and they loved the balloons. They were there again this year and glad to see me. Coach Edwards told me his girls were talking about me all the night before. Coach Don Shula was there this year. (Winningest coach in NFL history) I did not get to talk to Mr. Eastwood this year but did see him and made balloons for his youngest daughter at the Monterey Aquarium last year. (It was a special event for the AT&T Pro-Am.)

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