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When I think of balloon artists, I flashback to that Steve Martin movie “Parenthood” where he dons a cowboy outfit, fumbles with a bunch of balloons and proudly holds up an unrecognizable mess aloft and yells “your lower intestines” to the delight of his young audience including the son he so desperately wants to please. It’s a sweet and funny moment, but balloon artist Steve Martin is not!

Adventure Balloons on the other hand are the zen masters of balloon creations! It’s pretty darn impressive when the balloon artist is SO GOOD that children and adults alike are clapping their hands when he finishes a balloon design, and some wish they could have his job.

My friend hired Adventure Balloons for her daughter’s first birthday party and the young guy making the balloon art had us all fascinated as he cranked out one amazing design after another — a sailboat, choo choo train, a monkey hanging on a palm tree, Arial the Mermaid, Minnie Mouse, Nemo, an octopus, a horse, a bouquet of flowers with a teeny red ladybug, an Angry Bird and angry Pig, a panda hanging on to a bamboo shoot (mine, all mine!), a lizard, a butterfly, a scary monster, and perhaps (to me anyway) the piece de resistance — a basketball hoop system with the pole, backboard, hoop and basketball. WOW!

Both kids and their parents were in line waiting (im)patiently for their turn to ask the young Jedi balloon master to make us this and that. Best of all, if a balloon popped or, as in some cases, deflated … balloon man was there to make a fix. Kids were happy, parents were happy. It’s all good!

Sharon H.

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