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July 2nd, 2012 | Posted in Blog, Hawaii | No Comments »

Went to a 1st bday party the end of last month at Pearl Country Club. Whoodathunk that the highlight of the party would be the Balloon Guy?!

Sitting at my table, nibbling at my edamame, and I see some kid (don’t even remember if it was a girl or boy–that’s how distracted I was) zoom by me with what looked like a backpack strapped to him around his shoulders–but it was made from balloons! To go along with his pack, was a laser gun AND a sword! What the–?! I must be seeing things…

Then I see another faceless child with a fishing pole, with a fish dangling from it (complete with fish lips, mind you), and BUBBLES!!! All from balloons!

Then I see Spiderman…Hello Kitty…some crazy a$$ hats…and at this point my 11-year old step-daughter is practically pulling me out of my chair to find the creator of this madness.

Naturally, he wasn’t hard to find…I mean, no one was standing in line for the candy bar. We stood for a few minutes and our girl tried to come up with the one thing her heart would most desire…which is really tough to do when you’re watching Balloon Creator Extraordinaire continuously top his creations, child after child. I secretly really wanted him to make me chastity belt or something crazy…just to see if he could do it. She settled on a Smurf. And wouldn’t you know it, we managed to stump him. Smartphone to the rescue! He googles it, hit Images, and voila! He quickly starts blowing, tying, tearing, and flipping blue and white balloons together to make her a Smurf. Did you catch that–he’s never done one before and just magically figured it out. Now that’s talent, y’all.

I picked up his card because I’m SURE I can find an excuse to use this guy…Jimmie Whitworth, you are a ballooning fool, and I can’t wait to see you in action again.
Dawn L.
Honolulu, Hi

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