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Special Events


For every occasion, we like to say, “We’re the best!” However, Festivals are a time for us to really excel. When you look out over a crowd and see people wearing colorful balloon hats or a giant balloon animal on their back it can really add to the atmosphere of the festival.

We are also able to utilize the large open spaces at these venues to create large sculptures to go with the theme of the festival. At the Santa Cruz Blues Festival we created a twelve-foot guitar, fifteen-foot Clown, and a live-size Harley Davidson Motorcycle. At the first annual Santa Cruz Lobster Festival we animated the park by dressing up Ivan in a ten-foot lobster suit, as well as creating an array of other giant sea creatures. The Monty Foundations Festival on the Beach to raise money for local schools was brought to life by a massive octopus floating above the crowd.

Whether you have a balloon artist strolling through the crowd making creations for everyone, or if you choose a massive balloon creation for all to admire and enjoy, Adventure Balloons will help bring the festival to life.


Looking for something new to do at your restaurant, have a slow night and need to build some clientele, want to add some spice to an existing promotion? Let our years of experience work for you!

Adventure Balloons specializes in creating a party atmosphere. For the past seven years we have been providing entertainment for Zelda’s (in Capitola) “Birthday Bash” as we as Ideal Bar and Grill’s monthly “Birthday Celebration.” Along with special menu promotions, birthday celebrants receive a special birthday creation.

At Apple Bees (San Jose) we provided the atmosphere for their “Tropical Tuesday” promotion. Restaurant patrons felt as if they escaped to paradise with elaborate balloon creations such as monkeys swinging from a palm tree, a mermaid swimming in the sea, or a turtle playing with a dolphin.

Most recently Jimmie Jr. has helped create “Family Night” every Tuesday at Pinky’s in Kailua. Word has gotten around and every week they have regulars who come to enjoy the food and receive a special balloon creation. After only six months “Family Night” became so popular that Pinky’s had to hire a second balloon artist, Chris, to help keep up with the busy crowd.Nothing but smiles

Adventure Balloons is just what your restaurant needs! Contact us for more information.

Holiday Parties

Holidays are an exciting time for the Adventure Balloons Crew!

This is the once a year opportunity we have to create those special seasonal sculptures and designs: Cupid with hearts and flowers, Easter bunnies, “Uncle Sam” top hat, turkeys, a witch flying on a broom stick, giant scary spiders, Santa, Rudolf the red nosed reindeer, the Grinch, and of course Baby Jesus in a manger. We also have special Airbrush Tattoo designs for most holidays. Xmas decorating

Whatever holiday your celebrating our Balloon Creations and Airbrush Tattoos can help bring it to life making this years party unforgettable!

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